Drawn in Blood


When her brother's suicide brings Marian (Anna Fin) to Berlin, she is unaware of the terror that awaits her in the psychological thriller Drawn In Blood. The story kicks into high gear as a series of horrific murders take place that mirror the storyline of a popular comic book. Marion soon discovers that Eric (Tim Williams), the comic book artist, lives in the building adjacent her brother's apartment and that each of the victims have a close connection to the artist. Bizarre and haunting events soon unfold leading to a climatic finale evoking genre masters Hitchcock, Polanski and Argento in a film directed by Peter Palatsik (Push and Pull).

Director: Peter Palatsik

DoP: Isabelle Arnold

Cast: Ana Finn, Tim Williams, Dan van Husen, Luise Bähr, Thomas Spencer

Format: 16mm

Runtime: 92min